Our Historie

From the GDR wallflower to the international wireframe expert

WDM’s roots lie in the 1960s. At the 7th SED Congress (GDR Government) in 1967 it was decided to increase egg production because of the growing demand. So the comrades decided to use industrial cage management systems due to lack of success in massaging in wooden stables. In Düpow the people’s owned enterprise (“Volkseigener Betrieb”) “equipment provider for small poultry and poultry plants” was founded for this purpose. The required wire mesh for the cage systems, transport cages and demixing devices from then on were purchased from Wolfshagen, a former tractor production facility, which was be converted accordingly for the production. Even if the old pictures suggest otherwise, the predecessor of WDM was one of the most modern industrial facilities in the district of Perleberg was located in East Germany.


GDR period

At that time, wire mesh was mostly exported to USSR countries, since the domestic demand could be covered quite quickly. Hans Dedek started his apprenticeship in Wolfshagen in 1968 and took over the management of the plant in 1984. Actually, the wireframe had good prospects after the reunification, since only in 1989 two new spot welding machines had been purchased. However, as one takeover candidate after the other declined their interest, Russian as a sales market crumbled. Now entrepreneurial courage was asked: it struck the birthdays of the WDM.



WDM was founded by the Mr Dümke and Mr Dedek starting off with 18 employees. One year later Mr Garthaus succeeded Mr Dümke as managing director.Subsequently extensive redevelopment work and the build-up of a new customer base began. ``I drove over 60,000 kilometers in 1996. We had to introduce ourselves everywhere, to make a name for ourselves, ``said Garthaus and Dedek, commenting on this:`` We were able to follow your route through the inquiries that came through our fax. ``Thanks to a well-developed IT system The offers were usually returned the same day.


Establishment in the Market

Thanks to the growing market and the rise of Gabions, WDM was able to consolidate quickly: after ten years, sales had already sixfolded. Massive space expansion was financed through clever investments. In 1997, WDM built the first large new building: a dispatch hall and the first MG 900 welding machine. The new construction of production 2 took place in 2003. The product portfolio extended into gabions and special reinforcement wire mesh. Six years later, robots followed, which from then on supported the wire mesh production. In 2010, there was a new expansion: the finishing production line received a new, more spacious hall.



Today, WDM is the market leader in the area of spot-welded wire mesh. 2016 about 13,000 t in form of nearly 9 million wire meshes left WDM on about 1,000 trucks our factory. The number of employees is increasing and the appreticeship rate is at 5-10%. Our flexible personnel structure allows us to offer short delivery times. Over 20 Mn EUR have been invested to meet the ever-growing demand and to offer an optimal production portfolio for the customers. In 2017, another ultra-modern welding machine was added. With entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism, WDM has succeeded in developing itself into the German market leader.