Cage wire mesh

Market leader for industrial cage wire mesh and aviary systems

Animal husbandry requires both highest standard and animal-friendly design at the same time. In our industrialized world, the high demand for eggs and poultry can only be realized by systematic large-scale animal husbandry. Compared to the soul livestock, cage wire mesh systems offer a hygienic alternative and thus prevent mass diseases. WDM has been a reliable supplier for cage wire mesh, poultry wire mesh, rearing cages as well as aviary systems for many decades and conforms to the requirements for efficiency and well-being.

Product Portfolio
  • Cage systems
  • Rearing systems
  • Broiler systems
  • Aviary systems
  • Feeding systems
Wire types
  • Galvanized wire (ZnAl), zinc support according to EN 10244-2
  • Pre-galvanized wire according to EN 10204
  • Bare wire according to EN 10016 or EN 10025
Wire diameter Ø (dx)
  • Standard versions from 2.0 to 5.0 mm
  • Mesh widths from ¾ x ¾ inch to 2 x 2 inch
Wire Mesh dimensions
  • Outer dimensions from 300 x 300 mm to 2,500 x 1,300 mm
  • Mesh widths from ¾ x ¾ inch to 2 x 2 inch
  • Other outside dimensions and mesh widths possible
Processing options
  • Applying and combining additions such as bent parts, sheets, profiles, pipes, flat irons, accessories (e.g., sliding grids, plastic holders)
  • Notches, edgings
  • Hot dip galvanizing according to DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Powder coating according to DIN 55633
  • Combinations of several wire diameters

Already since 1968, WDM manufactures for the industrial animal and egg production industry as well as aviaries for the keeping of birds and small animals and is one of the pioneers in the development of modern poultry cages in Germany. WDM also played a pioneering role in the development of the process for welding Galvanized wires (ZnAl) as a cost-effective and qualitatively better alternative to hot-dip galvanizing of bare wire mesh.

In addition, we are continually improving our production technologies for various animal forms. These include rearing cages, bird cages, small cages as well as aviary systems. However, no cage or lattice is like the other cage or lattice. Our components of point welded wire mesh offer you durable, robust cage wire mesh with a particularly high corrosion protection so that birds and pigeons can be kept under the greatest possible hygienic and safety conditions.