Reinforcing wire mesh

Reinforcement wire mesh in all specifications

Reinforcing wire mesh are almost indispensable in the construction industry. The wire for the reinforcements must withstand the highest loads permanently and must be processed cleanly. WDM provides the foundation for reinforcement, reinforcement and screed reinforcement made to measure.

Product Portfolio

  • Slatted Force
  • Lintel Formwork
  • Flatt fall
  • Aerated concrete
  • Precast Concrete Products

Wire types

  • Blank wire B500A + G or B500A + P according to DIN 488
  • Naked wire according to EN 10016 or EN 10025
  • Stainless steel wire (VA) 1.4301, 1.4571, other grades possible

Wire diameter Ø (dx)

  • Standard versions from 3.0 to 16.0 mm
  • Other diameters possible

Wire Mesh dimensions

  • Outer dimensions from 250 x 250 mm to 7,500 x 1,000 mm
  • Mesh widths from 40 x 40 mm to 300 x 25 mm
  • Other outside dimensions and mesh widths possible

Processing options

  • Folding, bending


  • Combination of bare wire with stainless steel wire
  • Welding of spacers and diagonal wires

WDM reinforcing wire mesh stabilizes your building projects

Our wire mesh ensures the stability of your building projects from the inside out. Our reinforcement wire mesh, screed grids and structural steel mats are ideally suited for aerated steel or screed concrete. Structural safety can be additionally reinforced by diagonal wires and spacers in order to meet safety requirements in terms of fire protection, load capacity and static.

WDM Reinforcing wire mesh, reinforcing steel mats and single-mats made of B500A + G u. B500A + P – ND: up to 16 mm, as well as reinforcement wire mesh and industrial mesh from B500A + G – ND: up to 10.0 mm are certified by the MPA NRW. They meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17660 and DIN 488. Internal quality checks are used to control and record the shearing force of the cross-weld points and the tensile strength of the wires.