Manufacturing process

From a wire to your WDM wire mesh

WDM Mitarbeiter

1. Offer & order intake

How to get a point welded wire mesh?

Our qualified sales team advises interested customers about individual solutions. At WDM everything is made-to-measure and through many years of experience we know exactly what to look for. If all details concerning the spot welded wire mesh are clear, we will provide a non-binding offer with a possible delivery date to your desired location and 14-day price binding. After the order has been received, the requirements for the wire mesh are forwarded to the work preparation.


2. Work preparation

Optimal supply and highest efficiency

If no technical drawing is available, your specifications are validated to determine whether your project is feasible and create a drawing for production. Process times and procedural instructions are defined in consultation with the individual production areas. All process flows are subject to a continuous improvement process in order to provide you with the best possible offer and to work with maximum efficiency. In order to be able to produce your point-welded wire meshes, all specifics such as positions, parts lists and finishing stages in the production order are assigned and assigned to a suitable machine from the machine park.


3. Production

Made in Germany with the highest quality

A high-tech machine park with correspondingly high machine and plant capacity is available for you to produce your individual special solution. Every WDM product is manufactured under the slogan ``Made in Germany`` and ``Highest quality from the Prignitz``. Your desired wire mesh is manufactured on one of our seventeen spot welding systems. Lean Management's optimized machine utilization and flexible personnel structure enable us to compensate for seasonal fluctuations in demand and to offer continuous short delivery times.


3.1 Wire Straightening

We are perfectly prepared

Before the actual production, the crossbars and, in some cases, the longitudinal bars for the wire mesh must be directed and cut. The order-specific wire coil (wound wire) or the wire rosette (laid wire) is removed from the logistics center and placed on the coiler of the wire straightening machine. The wire coming from the bobbin is fed to the cutting system by the feed rollers through the rotating guide body. After cutting, the rod falls from the wire guide (round / flat) over the baffle into the collecting trough.


3.2 Manufacturing technologies

Roll welding machine

Production series with a diameter of up to 5.0 mm can be produced cost-effectively on our roller welding machines. Coils are unwound and fed into the machine via the reel systems. A double safety system checks whether all longitudinal wires properly reach the machine to ensure an optimal production process without downtime. After the wires have been introduced into the machine by a roller guide, the transverse wires are fed through a rod insertion of the welding plane. The two rods melt together by resistance welding, in which the current flows from one copper electrode to the other.


Rod welding machine

The advantage of our bar welding machines lies in the shorter set-up time. Within a very short time, all order details can be pre-programmed, making them ideal for the efficient production of medium and small series up to a maximum of 18.0 mm. The longitudinal and transverse bars are made available from the wire rack in order. The rods from the longitudinal wire bunker are inserted into the machine by means of a longitudinal wire insert. Each longitudinal wire is inserted into predefined shafts and welded to the transverse wires. The downstream robots place the finished wire mesh fully automatically on the pallets.


Coordinate welding machine

Coordinate welding machines are mainly used for complex special wire mesh and single solutions, since several production steps can be combined. In a two-inserting process, the first is equipped with longitudinal and transverse rods. While the welding head controls the pre-programmed points in the table area, the second table can be prepared parallel to the welding process.The production program includes wire mesh with frames, diagonal bars, spacers or bending parts, resulting in a high production depth. The 3D bending parts are specially manufactured in our own bending center.

3.3 Further processing

We offer specific solutions

After spot welding of the wire mesh, one or more further processing steps are often necessary in order to meet their specific solutions. This allows your spot welded wire mesh to take almost any shape.

Finishing options

In an increasingly complex production depth, WDM offers you a wide range of finishing processes

  • Additional Features

    • Connecting:
    • Wire mesh
    • Wire Mesh Frames
    • Metal Profile Frames
    • Flat Steel
    • Metal Profiles
    • Double Wires

  • Transformations

    • Easy-edge
    • Multiple edges
    • To bend

  • Besäumungen*

    • Cut
    • Unstitch
    • Notching
    • Punching

  • Finishings

    • Hot-dip Galvanizing
    • Chrome Plating
    • Powder Coatings
    • Paint Coatings
    • Electro-polishing and pickling of stainless steel

Qualitätscheck bei WDM

4. Quality

To meet your expectations

WDM has introduced a lean and effective quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000, in order to meet your high expectations, our own production capabilty depth and the product characteristics. This mainly includes test methods such as the tensile strength test, the cross-pull strength test as well as length, distance and angle tests with corresponding documentation and evaluation of the results. You as a customer expect spot-welded wire mesh that provides safety, stability and longevity. For this purpose, we are subject to constant monitoring of the production of our point-welded wire mesh and have our inspection methods checked externally by the Material Testing Office of North Rhine Westphalia.


5. Logistics

Delivery reliability and short delivery times

Quality in logistics means being able to meet customer needs. For us this means to always consider your specific packaging requirements, e.g. wrapping of goods in foil. Service is our main focus when shipping the point-welded wire mesh. That is why we obtain flexible and customer-specific carrier quotes and solutions and take over the entire organization for the shipment. For self-collectors, we are happy to create customer-specific loading plans, which ensure optimal utilization of the trucks. The placement of frame orders also offers our customers the possibility of a high delivery reliability with simultaneously short delivery times.