Bent Wire Parts

WDM bent wire parts complete your wire mesh

bent wire parts are essential additional components for various wire mesh products. Typical bent wire parts are e.g. bars, spacers, brackets, buckling bars, grating dividers, guide wires, supports or support rods. Various bent wire parts of different wire diameters are required for the construction and maintenance of gabions. With gabions, the importance of bent wire parts is quickly explained: Rods serve as the connection of the individual grid elements. Spacers ensure that opposing grid elements remain stable under the load of applied and applied gabions.

We are also a separate supplier of wire bending parts

Production of our three-dimensional bent wire parts takes place in the wire bending center. Wire straightening provides wires for the bent parts are provided in the correct shape, length and number.

As always, WDM with its highly flexible production offers a standard catalog as well as custom-made bent wire parts. We then turn the wire into your desired requirements. The following criteria are decisive.

Wire diameter:
2,0 mm – 8,0 mm

Wire length:
up to 2m