Grid elements

Grid elements for your application

Oftentimes wire mesh is not the final product. Different grid elements are joined together to form protective devices for machines and systems, transport containers, shelving systems or poultry systems, embedded in concrete or filled with stones or earth as gabions. Grid elements are the starting point for complex constructions in all cases.

WDM grid elements adapt to your needs

We supply grid elements both as individual parts and as a pre-assembled kit, for example for gabions, fence systems or partition walls. It is important for our customers to be able to offer maximum flexibility in their building projects. In order to be able to handle this extremely high range of application possibilities, it is necessary to have a state-of-the-art machine park with roller welding machines, bar welding machines and coordinate welding machines like we do. This is the only way to be able to manufacture according to all specifications.

Wire type:
Bare, pre-galvanized, galvanized, aluminum galvanized, stainless steel

Wire diameter:
2,0 mm – 12,0 mm

Wire mesh Dimensions:
60 mm x 40 mm – 8.000 mm x 1.500 mm / 2.400 mm

20 mm x 20 mm – 300 mm x 300 mm