Spot-welded wire mesh

Individual wire mesh mats to your specifications

Wire mesh mats are large-area, spot-welded wire mesh without edges and profiles for further processing for various purposes, such as fence systems or gabion walls. Our product range includes all types of welding mats – single-wire mats, double-wire mats and many more.

As the leading supplier of wire mesh mats, we know what is important for you: highest quality, delivery reliability and great customer service. We always have a wide selection available in stock and thus offer the shortest delivery times for mats of common mesh sizes and sizes

Drahtmatten sind großflächige, punktgeschweißte Drahtgitter ohne Kantungen und Profile zur Weiterverarbeitung für diverse Zwecke, wie zum Beispiel Zaunsysteme oder Gabionenwände.

WDM wire mesh mats are robust and durable

When looking for wire mesh mats, WDM is your place. Five decades of experience of wire mesh production is evident at every corner. No wire mesh mat leaves our production in Wolfshagen without satisfying our quality standards. In addition, we are able to work with of types of wire, that is, bare, pre-galvanized, galvanized, aluminum galvanized and made of stainless steel.

If the mats are to be further processed, we will be happy to add, modify, trimmings or finish our further processing.

Wire type:
Bare, pre-galvanized, galvanized, aluminum galvanized, stainless steel

Wire diameter:
2,0 mm – 12,0 mm

Wire mesh Dimensions:
60 mm x 40 mm – 8.000 mm x 1.500 mm / 2.400 mm

20 mm x 20 mm – 300 mm x 300 mm