Spot welded wire mesh

WDM manufactures spot welded wire mesh according to your specifications

Spot welded wire mesh in all variants reflects the deep manufacturing competence of WDM. Manufactured on modern semi-automatic and fully automated welding machines, Wolfshagen wir mesh is able to withstand any external and internal loads. Whether used as cage, gabion or reinforcing wire mesh, the tailor-made construction and the selection of the right material are essential for a longevity appropriate for the use. Spot welding is the best alternative to guarantee shape stability. In contrast to woven wire mesh, spot welded wire mesh is permanently connected to each other through the resistance welding. In the welding process electricity flows from one electrode to the other and weld the two clean, right-angled wires at any given spot. This connection makes WDM wire mesh a very lastig and durable product.

Our spot welded wire mesh is delivered to you in record time

Our stock of standard products is unrivalled both by its selection and depth. Therefore, we are able to deliver a wide range of spot welded wire grids in no time. If products are not available, our highly dynamic production allows us to deliver at an incomparably short delivery time. At the same time, the flexible approach of our production also offers the possibility of designing spot welded wire grids according to your wishes. Over the past decades, WDM has developed into an outstanding supplier in this field and is now working with customers from the electrical industry, shopfitting and warehouse logistics.

Wire type:
Bare, pre-galvanized, galvanized, aluminum galvanized, stainless steel

Wire diameter:
2,0 mm – 12,0 mm

Wire mesh Dimensions:
60 mm x 40 mm – 8.000 mm x 1.500 mm / 2.400 mm

20 mm x 20 mm – 300 mm x 300 mm